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Our adorable Westies are raised by heart and by hand, and are considered members of our family.
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Our Westies are cuddly and snuggly and love people. If you have an empty lap or extra pillow, then one of our pups may be right for you.

All our puppies are very well socialized and very much loved and cared for.
We love our puppies and expect you will, too.

We breed for hobby, not for a living. We want to share the joy of Westies with others !
Our puppies and mom's are fed organic beef, canine mammalac and salmon to produce
happy, healthy Westies.

All puppies are sold with a non-breeding contract,
and will have had their first shots.



We currently have no puppies available !

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Puppies seeking new homes Puppies seeking new homes Puppies seeking new homes
Puppies seeking new homes Puppies seeking new homes Puppies seeking new homes
Puppies seeking new homes Puppies seeking new homes Puppies seeking new homes

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Our family album
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(Syko's McDuff Sutherland)







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The physician heals, nature makes well...

Homestead Herbs specializes in herbs, such as echinacea angustifolia and valerian, grown naturally and organically on our farm in Southern Alberta, where it is gently kissed by warm westerly Chinook breezes and strengthened by the cool nights of the Canadian Rockies. Our fields

Echinacea picture Long known to the Indians of the North American Plains for its curative powers and scientifically demonstrated to speed healing, the Purple Coneflower (echinacea) is used during periods of stress and exposure to prevent illness. During illness or recovery, the use of echinacea can stimulate and support the immune system.*

There are many varieties of Echinacea: angustifolia and purpurea are the most commonly used in herbal remedies. Of the two, angustifolia is the more potent.

The active parts of echinacea (echinacosides, cynarin and chlorogenic acid) reside in various parts of the plant: the root, stems and leaves. The greatest amount of these ingredients are generally found in the roots.

We also produce "PAWS Homemade Biscuits" a low-fat, all-natural treat for dogs which contains Echinacea Angustifolia root.
Pet Treat ingredients label

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