CJ -- The "momma puppy"

Hi, my name is Claudia Jean, but you can call me "CJ". Everyone does...

I was born on February 20, 2004 in Willington, Alberta.

My momma was Dolly W Borody and my dad was Teddy Bear Borody. They were both registered in the United States, but have "dual citizenship" with the Canadian Kennel Club.

I'm registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, as was my first litter.

I am named after a character (CJ Craig) on my favorite TV show: The West Wing.

I am a character, too !

Too bad they got the name wrong. Really ! That show should have been called "The Westie Wing".

I could have been a star...
I am a classic West Highland White terrier, from my looks to my temperment. I'm "ten feet tall, and bullet proof" !

I have a coarse coat, which means that you don't have to spend a lot of time grooming me.

This leaves me lots of time for "fun".
Westies love to have "fun" -- we're full of it !

Don't worry about the dirt, though -- it just falls off...
I'm a real good momma, too !
Westies -- gotta love 'em...

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