Jasper -- "world traveller"

Hi, my name is "Jasper". I was born in 2005 in Ireland.

Did I mention that I like to climb ?
I am named after another Westie my owner had many years ago (Casper).

I was such a cute puppy !
I am a classic West Highland White terrier, from my looks to my temperment.

I'm 8 feet tall and "bullet proof" !

I'm full of fun. I love to play fetch and run around...
I have a silky soft coat, which means that I'm very snuggly. You may have to spend a little bit of time grooming me, but I do clean up well and pretty easily.

That will still leave me lots of time for "fun".

Like celebrating Saint Patrick's Day !
Me, I'm just a happy guy !

I'm looking forward to having kids. Did I mention that I'm snuggly ?
Having kids ?

Good thing I'm a responsible dog !

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